Gin Jellies

For all you Gin lovers out there, get yourself in the kitchen and whack up a batch of these gorgeous gin jellies that will most definitely make you feel as if you are sipping a G&T in the sunshine.

Concocted by the creative minds of those on Slimming World, these Haribo-Style sweets are definitely a guilt-free treat for your taste buds.

The batch here are made with Gordon’s Gin, a simple Hartley’s jelly mix, gelatine and fat free yogurt. So for those of you out there on Slimming World, Each treat is less than 0.5 syns (more than your regular Haribo-sweets – but definitely worth it).


1 sachet of jelly (For a true Ginesque sweet – use Hartley’s Lemon and Lime Sugar Free)

2 sachets of Gelatine (Available in many Home Baking Supermarket aisles)

1 tub of Muller light yogurt (Recommend low fat lemon flavour)

How to make these delicious treats

  1. Pour ¾ of pint of boiling water into a jug. Add ¼ pint of gin to the water.
  2. Drink some gin
  3. Add the jelly and gelatine and stir until all the gelatine and jelly has visibly dissolved
  4. Drink some gin
  5. Pour ¾ of the mixture into a square Tupperware tub and leave to set in the fridge for approximately 20 mins.
  6. Whilst your waiting for the jelly to set – drink some gin
  7. When the jelly is springy to touch and has set – add the yogurt to the remaining jelly & gelatine mix in the jug – stir and pour into the Tupperware
  8. Bored waiting another 30 mins? Have a gin
  9. By this time, you should be rather tipsy and your gin treats should be ready. Check the mixture is fully set (it should spring back when touched). Cut into cubes and enjoy with friends.
  10. Talk about how amazing your treats are to your friends whilst enjoying another glass of gin.

More creative creations

  • Swap your regular gins for a more flavoured option to create a fruity twist on this classic – Recommend Brockman’s, Edinburgh Raspberry or Whitley Neil Rhubarb with Raspberry Jelly
  • Swap your yogurt for custard and make your very own Sweetshop classic – rhubarb and custard

Whatever taste tickles your taste buds just remember…be GINspirational

Here comes the sun

As temperatures are set to rise over May and June, this summer is definitely one to cherish. As April saw one of the hottest days on record in 70 years, it’s no surprise that us sun-seeking Brits already have our barbeques on standby.

At Hogarth’s, we have everything ready to make your summer something spectacular. With a range of over 100 glorious gins, carefully crafted cask ales and superb soft drinks – there is no better place to be than Hogarth’s this summer season.

With a phenomenal range of gins, sometimes it’s difficult to decide what glorious gin you would like to order. Whether you’re a fan of Gordons, Tanqueray or Whitley Neil – Hogarth’s has something for you.

Our specially selected gin trays are suited for all you indecisive folks out there as you can choose 5 glorious gins to share – a sharing tray that will be something to tell your friends about.

Alternatively you can pick just one of the following to have as a Perfect Serve

A Selection of Summer Specialities

Here at Hogarth’s, we love all things summer so we have expertly crafted our very own Gin Tray – Summer Style. With a mix of fantastic flavours and amazing aromas, this gin tray will definitely get you in the mood to grab your sunglasses and head to Hogarths.

1 Bloom Strawberry Cup

Envisioned by distiller Joanne Moore by mixing fresh strawberries in her own delicately floral Bloom gin. The result is an elegantly fruity concoction with notes of roses, strawberries and watermelon. Bring on the sun!

For this perfect refreshing summer drink; simply mix with lots of ice, lemonade and garnish with succulent strawberries.

2. Buss No.509 Pink Grapefruit

Inspired by passion and knowledge, this summer spirit originated in Antwerp. Buss blended fine herbs and fresh Red Californian grapefruit with premium spirit, to create a gin that is delightfully full in flavour.

For our perfect serve, simply pour over ice, add some red currants and pink grapefruit and enjoy with 1724 premium tonic water.

3. Edinburgh Raspberry

Distinctively Scottish. Raspberry Infused Edinburgh Gin is made from a traditional family recipe using locally sourced raspberries and meticulously matured with Edinburgh Gin.

The results are superb. Bringing you a deliciously deep, raspberry flavour. Mix with lots of ice, lemonade and garnish with fresh raspberries for a refreshing summer drink.

4. Jinzu

Created by Dee Davies after an inspiring journey to Japan, Jinzu Gin imparts aromas and flavours including juniper berries, citrusy notes of coriander seeds, floral cherry blossom accents, and the orange and mandarin aromas of Yuzu Lemon.

This beautiful gin is perfect served with lots of ice, Fever Tree Tonic and fresh, sliced green apple.

5. Warner Edwards Elderflower

With the ever so rising popularity of Elderflower, this botanical gin results in perfect accompaniment for those long lazy summer days.

This refreshing gin is perfect, served simply with ice.

So no matter what the weather (fingers crossed for lots of sunshine), right here at Hogarth’s we have everything to make your summer the best one yet!

We’re delighted to announce that Hogarths won the ‘Best Multiple Gin Bar’ at the annual Think Gin Awards. To say we’re over the moon is an understatement. We fought off some stiff competition from some of the Nations top Gin bars. We’d like to thank each and everyone of our venues for making this possible.

Pop down to your local Hogarths and sample one of our Perfect Serves and you’ll see why we were worthy winners.

Cheers from all at Hogarths.