Let’s Have Game, Set & Match With Our Pink Gins

With all the madness around England’s amazing performance in the Fifa World Cup – it’s easy to forget this summer also boasts one of the world’s famous tennis championships – Wimbledon.

As we are crossing our fingers that the England boys bring the World Cup home, British tennis fans are less enthusiastic about a British win with Andy Murray pulling out of the first round with continuing hip issues. However, this doesn’t mean Wimbledon won’t promise to wow this year. With Djokovic, Nadal and Federer on fine form could this be the year Federer and Nadal relive their nail-biting 2008 final. Serena Williams returns to the game after having her baby girl Olympia last year. On top form, can the only Williams sister left in the competition make this her 24th Grand Slam title?

Here at Hogarth’s we really want to put the wow in your Wimbledon watching so we have a list of 4 Pink British gins that will no doubt make you feel your live on centre court.

  1. What’s more Wimbledon than fresh, scrumptious strawberries? With Beefeater London Pink Gin you will certainly get the taste of that gorgeous, sumptuous punnet smacking your taste buds. This Premium London Dry Gin has been based on their traditional Beefeater. However they have added an expression of strawberries to compliment the juniper flavours. Hogarth’s Perfect Serve over ice with Schweppes Lemonade or Tonic Water garnish with a handful of beautiful strawberries.

  1. Sticking with our popular British and London Dry Gin brand, next up is Gordon’s Pink Gin. Gordon’s have embarked from their original 1880’s recipe and balanced the taste and sweetness of raspberries and strawberries with just a slight tang of redcurrant. This gin gives a really berry taste to the pallet. Hogarth’s Perfect Serve over ice, Schweppes Tonic Water or Lemonade & garnish of fresh raspberries.

  1. Here we recommend one of our very own to try this gorgeous summer month. This beautiful HOGARTH’S STRAWBERRY & VANILLA GIN. The flavour of vanilla pairs exquisitely with the sweetness of the strawberry, the closet we have on our list of getting you to feel you really are eating strawberries and cream on the lawn courts. Our Hogarth’s Perfect Serve is over ice, with either Fever-Tree Tonic Water or Schweppes Lemonade garnish with a handful of fresh strawberries (of course).

  1. Since launching in summer 2013, Pinkster Gin has only ever increased in popularity. 5 botanicals are used in its making this “Agreeably British Gin”. Raspberries are steeped in the gin, during the making, which gives the gin it’s pink colour and subtle fruitiness. The gin soaked raspberries then go on to make Pinkster’s Boozy Berries and Gin Jam! Hogarth’s Perfect Serve over ice, Fever-Tree Tonic and garnish of fresh raspberries.

As Strawberries & Cream have become a Wimbledon staple, these gorgeous gins will definitely make you feel as if you are perched on the top of Murray mound munching into a gorgeous punnet. But why is this combination so popular? This delightful duo was first served in 1877, during the first ever Wimbledon Championships. Since then over 25,000 kg of strawberries and over 10,000 litres of cream is consumed at the tennis tournament.

So if your consider yourself a Wimbledon fan and a lover of great gin – get yourselves to Hogarth’s for an amazing evening trying some of the best British gins.

Taste our Rainbow

As the month of June commemorated Pride celebrations across the world, we want to continue the celebration into July, we have a list of drinks that will definitely but the razzle in your rainbow.

At Hogarth’s we take pride in each and every drink we serve so our rainbow of perfect serves should be on your list of top tipples to try this weekend.

The rainbow is a significant icon in the LGBTQ+ community as each colour represents a different meaning that we have chosen to symbolise in our 8 recommended Pride Perfect Serves.

Pinkster is a sensual, triple distilled spirit creating a deliciously dry yet subtly smooth flavour that perfectly represents the sexuality of the pink colour of the rainbow. We recommend to serve over ice with Thomas Henry Tonic with fresh raspberries and a sprig of mint. We also like it with fresh strawberries.

Life in a bottle beautifully represents Edinburgh Raspberry as its fruity, bright botanical infusion creates a summer drink that definitely will bring life to any party. Perfect serve with Schweppes Lemonade and fresh raspberries.

As we know the medicinal qualities of gin that have been proven for many, many years. Orange represents all things healing and with our Liverpool Valencian Orange gin this will certainly sooth any cravings for a crisp, refreshing taste for glorious gin. Perfect Serve – Over ice with Fever-Tree Tonic and orange zest.

Nothing says yellow like a burst of sunshine and what drinks better represents this than Sipsmith’s Lemon Drizzle Gin. A taste that Mr Kipling himself would adore this citrus based gin literally taste like it has come from Mary Berry’s Kitchen. Pair with Fever tree Tonic, Ice and a lemon wedge for a cool, zingy tipple.

Mother Nature called and she’s asking for a great gin. As green symbolises all things natural, here at Hogarth’s we couldn’t find a better representation than Bloom. This floral creation combines chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo to produce a blooming marvellous taste sensation. Serve over ice with Fevertree Tonic and fresh strawberry slices.

With art represented by the colour of turquoise – we could only think of one gin that epitomises the beauty of this colour. Bombay Sapphire and Star of Bombay is one of the most world’s most recognised spirits and with its gorgeous, iconic bottle it personifies the amazement of art across the gin world.  Best served with Schweppes Tonic and Lime Wedges.

Indigo symbolises one of the rainbows most iconic ideas – harmony. With the message of Pride being equality across all individuals – harmony signifies balance throughout society. In terms of Gin, no gin balances big, bold flavours like Boodles. Every batch is meticulously made with labour and patience to prove that there is no rushing the perfect G&T. Combine with ice and Fevertree Tonic for our Perfect Serve.

Spirit is the meaning behind the colour violet and no gin puts us in the spirit to celebrate Pride like Zymurgorium Sweet Violet which literally throws you head first into your local sweet shop. This gorgeous spirit has been one of our top hits and definitely a drink to try if you’re new to the world of Gin. Served with lemonade and a handful of Parma Violets, this is certainly a big, balloon glass of sweet nostalgia.

So if you want to come and celebrate Pride every month at Hogarth’s, come taste our rainbow and remember – Love is Love is Love is Love is….GIN!