Here at Hogarth’s not only do we love all things gin but we also adore all things wildlife.

In recent years, the Bee population has decreased and soon these incredible insects will no longer be buzzing around our gorgeous gardens.

Warner Edwards has teamed up with the Royal Horticultural society to produce a soul uplifting gin that helps Bees across the United Kingdom. Their gorgeously viscous and sweet HoneyBee gin is everything you and Winnie the Pooh himself will adore. With over 28 naturally infused botanicals, their Honeybee Gin is mascaraed with luxurious local honey and a good hearty dollop of golden nectar from their very own hives on falls farm.

But that’s just half the story…

Each bottle of Warner Edwards Honeybee gin that is sold – money is donated to the Royal Horticultural Society to assist them with Bee Conservation projects around the country. In addition, some specially selected bottles also contains flower seeds so no matter how boomingly beautiful your garden is – you can plant a gorgeous bunch in order to help conserve the bee population from your very own home. Not only is this gin good for its taste, it is clearly good for the soul.

Enjoy At Hogarths Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin Perfect Serve.

Hogarths Wakefield are holding a “Bee’s Knees Week” September 24th – 30th. Honeybee Gin Perfect Serve – with Schweppes Bitter Lemon 🍋 garnished with a Lemon Wedge in a glass rimmed with Honey & Crushed Almonds.

Conservation Cocktails

Warner Edwards even have their own twist of the classic “Bramble” cocktail. The “Bumble” rejoices all things gin harmonises the gorgeous Honey with sweet and sour tastes.


50ml Warner Edwards Honeybee Gin

25ml Lemon Juice

15ml Honey

15ml Crème de Mure or Chambord


Blackberry and Rosemary sprig


Ball glass.

No matter what your opinion about those fuzzy little creatures, it’s time to step up, get yourselves to Hogarth’s and it is time to save the bees!

Gintastic Chocolate Brownies

With the powers of Slimming World evident across the UK, it is difficult not to find someone who has done it or is currently doing it.

So here at Hogarth’s, we have decided to combine our two favourite ingredients – Gin and Chocolate to bring you a ginspirational Slimming World recipe for the tastiest brownies you’ll find.

Featuring ELY Dark Chocolate Gin, these gorgeous and delicious treats come in at 3 syns per brownie so there’s no need to feel guilty after snacking on these gintastic chocolatey pieces of goodness.

Often enjoyed neat, ELY Dark Chocolate Gin is an experience for all. This dry gin is unsweetened but provides a beautiful cocoa bitterness that would tantalise the taste buds of any chocolate lover. Founded in March 2012, ELY Gin was the mastermind of the computer programmer, James Clark, who had a passion of creating gin. Since then the company has boomed and ELY is now in its 6th year in trading. Some of their fantastic gin range includes Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Orange, Breakfast Marmalade and even Afternoon Tea. So no matter what your taste bud fancies, ELY gin has something for you.

Here’s how we made our fantastic Brownies

What you will need:

  • ELY Dark Chocolate Gin (Approx. 50ml)
  • 100g Self Raising Flour
  • 50g Flora Light
  • 2tsp Cocoa Powder
  • 4 eggs
  • 4Tsps of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
  • 4tbsp Granulated Sweetener
  • 25g Dark Chocolate Chips

 How to make:

  1. Preheat the oven to 170°C. Spray a baking tin (approx 8×8 inches) with Frylight and line the bottom with baking parchment.

2. Place the Flora Light, granulated sweetener, baking powder, self-raising flour, eggs, ELY Dark Chocolate Gin (Approx. 50ml), cocoa and choc shot into a large mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

*Drink some gin

 3. Pour into the lined baking tin and sprinkle over the dark chocolate chips. Place in the oven for 17 minutes.

*Whilst waiting, drink a few glasses of gin.

4. Once cooked, turn out onto a wire rack and remove the baking parchment. Cut into 16 squares and serve warm or cold!

*Enjoy with large serving of Gin

Recipe courtesy of PinchofNom and thank you to ELY for providing a sample of your gin to help us make these amazing brownies