It’s hard not to have heard that there is a cold snap on its way, some of us have already experienced snow. So with the need for thicker jumpers here at Hogarths we have everything to keep you warm as temperatures plummet and a range of gins that will really put a wow in your winter.

So, to help you mark the welcoming of the cold we have created a list of top 4 winter gins you definitely need to get your gloved hands on:

  1. Malfy Blood Orange Gin.

With the heart of Italy in its bottle, this glorious gin offers a smooth, crisp taste of the mediterranean – just what is needed when the nights are cold and dark. Combining the botanicals of juniper, orange and blood orange this fruity and tangy gin is one for all you orange lovers out there.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Mediterranean Fever-Tree tonic and garnish of orange wheel.

2. Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle.

This citrus based gin is something Mr. Kipling himself would adore! Sipsmith’s Lemon Drizzle Gin takes the classic London Dry and revamps it to the extreme. With layers of sweet, sun-dried lemon peels, lemon verbena results in an aromatic sweetness that keeps you begging for more.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree tonic water and garnish of lemon wedge.

3. Whitley Neill Quince Gin.

Quince is a classic ingredient of the Christmas pud, hence it screams winter flavours. Whitley Neill’s Quince based gin is the perfect winter warmer. The aromas of the stone fruit hits the palate from the onset, combining the distinctive flavour of quince and infused with sweetness of apricots and peaches, this blend of perfect Persian ingredients is what gives this gin its alluring taste.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree tonic water and garnish of lemon wheel.

4. Marula Pomegranate.

Last but by all means, not least, Marula is known as “forbidden fruit of the Elephant Tree” Marula gin is inspired by the heart of Africa. Bursting with pomegranate and berries with a hint of citrus and lavender, this glorious gin leaves its drinker with a beautifully long and sweet finish of orange blossom. With a sultry, soft and beautiful pink appearance, this gin is a treat for the eyes – not just the tastebuds.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes 1783 tonic water and garnish of raspberries.

So don your wooliest hat, scarf and glove set and head to Hogarths for warmth this coming week.