With epic scores, dramatic trys and heartfelt echoes of national anthems, this Six Nations Championship has already had a mind-blowing beginning. England’s incredible defeat of both Ireland and France put them at the top of the championship leader board with 10 points but with a fixture against the Welsh wonders this Sunday, England will have to do whatever they can to stop the dragons from taking their spot at the top.

Dominated by the British, with England, Wales and Scotland taking the top 3 spots in the table – the remaining nations will have to pull all their wits together if they wish to put a halt into any of the mighty trio from clenching the title this year. No matter what you are doing this weekend, get yourselves to Hogarth’s, grab your favourite G&T and sit back for what promises to be a hair-raising weekend of rugby.

The matches this weekend are as follows where you can come and view at any of our Hogarths Gin Palace’s across the UK

Scotland v France at The Stade de France, Paris at 14:15 (Sat 23)

Wales vs England at Principality Stadium, Cardiff at 16:45. (Sat 23)

Italy vs Ireland at Stadio Olimpico, Rome.  (Sun 24)

Facing Wales on their home soil promises to be challenging for the England squad. Surrounded by red shirts, painted dragon faces and roaring of Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Owen Farrell and his team must pull all their strength and power together if they wish to keep a firm grip of top of the championship leader board. Only 2 points separates the two nations so this Sunday, put down everything, cancel your plans and head to Hogarths because if you are a rugby fan or not – this is a game you certainly do not want to miss.  

So with the Guinness flowing, G&Ts pouring and our flat screen TVs on full volume. Get yourselves to Hogarths for a Six Nation’s weekend to remember! 

As the 14thFebruary is fast approaching, couples everywhere are wondering where to spend the world’s most romantic day. Here at Hogarths, we want to take the stress out of planning the perfect date, and tell you that, if you want somewhere wonderful to spend with your “Galentines” to your “the one” then…..Hogarths is the place to be. 

With Victorian inspired interior, areas of intimate seating and magnificent vibes throughout – our Victorian Gin palace is a perfect amalgamation between a traditional town centre pub and a modern-day cocktail bar. So whether you celebrating single-hood with your friends, are out on your very first date, celebrating an anniversary or planning on popping that very important question – we have a selection of sensual, scrumptious gins to really put the va va voom into your Valentine’s day. 

Fall in love with our glorious Valentines selection

  1. 5thFire Red Fruits 

This sweet and almost silky sprit has been gently infused with a range of soft red fruits (including blackberry, blueberry, currant and strawberry). This is a fantastically experimental gin and we recommend that you perfectly pair this gin with Fever-Tree Tonic. Serve over ice and garnish with a slice of Strawberry and piece of dark chocolate.

  • Whitley Neil Raspberry 

This seductively scrumptious gin is perfectly balanced with a delicate, fruity taste and a lasting citrus, raspberry flavour. Luscious Scottish fruits are combined with juniper notes resulting in a delicate sweetness which rounds this deliciously Raspberry Gin. This incredibly versatile Gin can be deliciously paired with tonic but we highly suggest Schweppes Lemonade and a handful of raspberry to create a perfect valentines tipple. 

  • Sharish Blue Magic 

From the Sharish range, this A bright blue Portuguese gin from extracts of a flower known as blue pea, and when you mix the gin with tonic, something magical happens! But we don’t want to give away the surprise so come in and find out for yourself. With botanicals including ginger, cinnamon, lemon peel and soft red fruits – this is a gin that promises to spice up your Valentines.

  • Puerto de Indias Strawberry 

This vibrant Valentines gin comes from the heart of Spain. It combines notes of juniper and strawberry, to create a fantastic fruit-forward Spanish gin – evidently made by accident after trying to create a strawberry liqueur. This is one mistake that we advise you make again and again as the finish is very light and sweet – perfect first date drink. 

  • Zymugorium Turkish Delight 

One of Britain’s favourite past times is the good old fashioned Turkish Delight. Sweet and fragrant it was the perfect choice for a special edition Gin based Liqueur. This Gin expertly blends the flavour of Damascus Rose and rich cocoa from Africa. The two tastes blend perfectly to create a unique gin that is daring for any Valentines date. 

So with our extensive range of amazing drinks, don’t just fall in love with your date this Valentines – fall in love with Gin and fall in love with Hogarths.