With Easter weekend here and temperatures set to sore, at Hogarths we want to welcome the warmer weather with open arms and introduce a gin that will definitely be a summer staple. Puerto de Indias.

 Gin Glorious Gin

With years of expert distillery under their belts, the brains of Puerto de Indias have produced a triage of glorious gins that will definitely put the fierce in your fiesta.

  1. Their Classic gin has a hearty body with a citrus twist. At 40% ABV, this Sevillian beauty emphasises Spanish flavours macerating flavours of lime, grapefruit and orange to create a clean and crisp gin perfectly paired with a Mediterranean Tonic.  
  2. Next up, their scrumptiously sumptuous Strawberry Gin so succulent its good enough to eat. With notes of fresh strawberry and juniper, this 37.5% ABV gin offers a wonderfully whimsical summer sensation that is perfectly paired with Schweppes Lemonade for a juicy and delightful tipple.
  3. Finally, their Pure Black Edition is inspired by Andalusian Springs and promises a symphony of floral delight such as orange, lemon and orange blossom and with a 40% ABV – this pure edition gin is one for all you classic G&T lovers out there. 

What’s In The name?

Puerto de Indiasis a Premium Gin manufactured in the sunny Seville region in one of the oldest distilleries in the province of Andalusia. Its name derives from the discovery of the Americas during the time in which Seville was becoming a huge trading port between Spain and the New world. With the literal translation being “Indian Ports”, it’s clear that the creation of this brand wanted to focus heavily on the significance of sharing brilliant new flavours and ideas around the world. 


Dating back to the 1800s, Puerto de Indias’ distillery history emerged when an immigrant carrying the name Izaguirre travelled to Carmona when fleeing the war. He settled on the land, that now houses the distillery, and decided to begin creating a series of spirits using traditional copper methods. Throughout time, these facilities have witnessed the birth of wonderful products such as anisette, Pacharan and most recently three glorious types of gin: Strawberry, Classic and Pure Black Edition. 

So with three gorgeous gins to choose from and Hogarths stocking their scrumptious Strawberry edition, come along to your nearest glorious gin palace to try the gin that most definitely will be a summer staple these upcoming mouth-watering months.