As one of the greatest Scottish celebrations comes around the corner, here at Hogarths we want to pay homage to the event that will have Scots singing for all to hear this weekend. 

Saturday 25th January pays tribute to the Scottish poet Robert Burns and is known as ‘Burns Night’ and celebrated around the world. With the traditional dish of Haggis, Neeps & Tatties served and celebrations commemorating Burns’ poetic works, the festival has been a Scottish tradition for over 200 years. 

As Hogarth’s hosts some of Scottish most famous spirits, we thought there was nothing better than to celebrate the best of Scottish spirits and raise a glass to Burns Night. 

Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,

Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!

Edinburgh Gin

Created within the heart of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh Gin is committed to the excellence of gin crafting and developing an innovative, inspiring and intelligent portfolio of world-class gins that pay tribute to wonders of all things Scottish. 

From their classic London Dry to Bramble & Honey, their gins pack a punch when it comes to flavour. Infused with fantastic fruits and beautiful botanicals, we can proudly promise that whichever Edinburgh bottle you go for, you will have a G&T to remember. 

For a brilliant Burns Night, we recommend – Edinburgh Raspberry Liqueur perfectly served with fresh raspberries and topped with Schweppes Lemonade. 

His knife see rustic Labour dicht,

An’ cut you up wi’ ready slicht,

Eden Mill Gin

A premium gin made in Scotland, made traditionally by hand in copper pots. You won’t find a vast or computerised gin production tanks at Eden Mill. All ingredients are sourced ethically and locally from verdant fields and wild coasts of Scotland.

Eden Mill boast a core gin range which includes the botanically rich Golf Gin and their pale pink Love Gin (a particular favourite of ours. As well as a wide range of gin liqueurs, all can be found in your local Hogarths. Flavours include Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue, Mango & Pineapple and Spiced Rhubarb Crumble.

Scotch Whisky

As the symbolic spirit of Scotland, Whisky has been the drink of choice for Scots for many, many years. All Scots spell it whisky (its the Irish who give it an extra “e” whiskey). The difference in spelling comes from translations of the word from the Scottish & Irish Gaelic forms.

Many will raise a ‘dram’ this weekend whilst enjoying the festivities of Burns Night and join the millions of Scots worldwide enjoying this superb Scottish spirit. 

Here at Hogarths we serve a wide range of Scotch Whisky as well as whisky twits. From Bell’s, Famous Grouse, Glenfiddich and Haig Clubman – all scotch whiskys. To our more aged whisky selection which includes Evolution, Ben Riach and Glen Dronach.

Consumed by Robert Burns himself, and his favourite tipple might we add, Whisky has become the greatest export of Scotland for years. With a value of £4.359 billion, Scotch whisky exports accounted for around 20% of all UK food and drink exports. Did you know the law around naming Scotch Whisky? Only whisky produced in Scotland and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years can be classified as Scotch Whisky. So with very specific rules around its creation and production, it’s no wonder the Scots love it so much. 

Here at Hogarth’s we love all things Scottish, so this weekend, if you need an excuse to head out this weekend – we definitely don’t.

 Raise a dram to Burns and take a cup o kindness for the sake of auld lang syne. 

So that’s it. We’ve said goodbye to another decade and hello to the joys of what the next one will bring. Here at Hogarths we have plenty to celebrate about the upcoming year and have comprised a collection of events you can look forward to celebrating with us.. 

February 2020

At Hogarths we love everything romantic. Valentines being a night to celebrate that love really is…all around, we invite you to Hogarths to enjoy a Gin Sharing Tray we those you love. But what makes this Valentines different to others? 

Well, as 2020 features a leap year, women out there who are feeling extra brave and extra romantic may chose on Valentines or on 29th to propose to the men in their lives (as Irish tradition suggests it’s good luck for women to propose on a leap year day). We can set the scene, provide the music and offer Dutch courage if you decide to take the leap, this year. 

March – The Six Nations

The arrival of spring means only one thing in the rugby world…the arrival of the Six Nations tournament. At Hogarths we love rugby. The nail biting 2019 championship saw Wales take the Grand Slam and power their way to their 12thtitle. Can Wales keep their hands firmly around the trophy or will Owen Farrell and the boys take England to victory at the start of the new decade? 

April – The Grand National 

When the joys of chocolate eggs filling our fridges are in the making, Aintree’s Grand National definitely sets our hearts pounding for our love of spring. Sweepstakes at work, bets online and quick stops at the bookies, the entirety of Britain keeps their eyes firmly on the screen for that 3pm race. After a marvellous run in 2019, can Davy Russell and Tiger Roll make it a triple and win the cup for the third year on the run? No doubt, here at Hogarths we will have our eyes fixated onto those screens when the claxon goes. 

June – Euro 2020

Summer 2020 promises one of the highlights in the football calendar. The UEFA European cup. With the matches kicking off again on 12th June, can England do what’s needed to bring home the trophy? At Hogarth’s, we will be featuring all the matches on the run up to final, so if you’re a fan of football and great drinks head to Hogarth’s this summer.  

July – British Grand Prix, Silverstone 

As one of the greatest racing events in the British calendar, The Grand Prix at Silverstone promises to be as thrilling as it has ever been. Eyes will be glued to screens to witness competitors Lewis Hamilton and teammate Bottas challenge for the championship. Can Hamilton cement himself as one of the best F1 drivers in history by claiming a record breaking 7th victory at Silverstone or will he get piped to the flag by fellow Mercedes driver. Well, we cannot wait to see…

So with a mass array of events coming up this year, 2020 promises to be the start of an amazing decade for sport and you can catch every second of it at your local Hogarths. Keep an eye on your local Hogarths page for other sporting events that will feature throughout the year.