A treat you dough-NUT want to miss!

Just imagine the sticky sweet sensation of soft, fluffy doughnuts mixed with the refreshing zing of your favourite gin…

Well, the fantastic brains of those at Dublin based bakery Rolling Donut have created two fantastic gin donuts that make all our patisserie dreams come true.

Established in 1978, the Rolling Donut bakery has supplied the streets of Dublin with delicious doughnuts for over 40 years and with their anniversary celebrations well and truly underway – they decided to combine their best-selling doughnuts with award winning gin brand Bloom to create two brand new flavours: Gin, lime and Elderflower and Strawberry Gin.

It’s obvious why BLOOM would be a top choice for this booming bakery. Packed with floral fruity notes makes for a perfect partnership with anything sweet which as a result creates a truly sensational taste explosion. Rolling Donut’s pairing of lime, elderflower and BLOOM’s honeysuckle and citrus infusion ensures each bite of their delicious doughnut packs a pretty refreshing punch and leaves you begging for more!

The next ginspirational doughnut combines the succulent sweetness of strawberries, creamy mascarpone and of course…our best friend GIN! Rolling Donut bakery’s Strawberry Gin doughnut promises to be as sweet as it sounds. Combining a pink sourdough base with a strawberry gin infused mascarpone cream and finished off with a strawberry gin infused icing. This treat is definitely one for all you sweet tooth’s out there.

How do you get your hands on them?

For all those Dubliners reading – the answer is simple – visit THE ROLLING DONUT KIOSK – 8 O’CONNELL STREET LOWER, DUBLIN 1, IRELAND. Or make an order online.

For all those who don’t have the luxury of living around the corner from this brilliant bakery. Flights from the UK to Dublin can be as cheap as £15pp. That’s the same price as a box of Krispy Kreme’s from your local Tesco.

So why not do something spontaneous…grab your friends, grab a cheap flight and go grab yourself some of the best doughnuts in the world.