Ginuary – The time of the Gym and Tonic 

Do you want to get healthy, fit, lose weight and ensure the good times keep on coming? Well, here at Hogarths we have some gintastic news about keeping fit and still having the chance to enjoy your favourite tipple. 

As you know, Hogarths prides itself on knowing and loving all things Gin related. For many of us, Christmas is the time of over-indulgence in everything sweet, buttery, creamy and down right naughty. But with the festive period well and truly over, we have 5 top reasons why you can still get Summer ready whilst enjoying your favourite Gin and Tonic.  

1. Gin is good for you

Made from Juniper berries, these fabulous little fruits are known as “super-berries” containing a multitude of antioxidants that can help fight infections, heart disease and can even help prevent kidney and liver disease – obviously when drunk in moderation. These amazing little berries cleanse and revitalise cells which can give you healthy and younger looking skin.  

2. Slimming world friendly 

With a 35ml measure of gin clocking a minimalistic 3.5 syns, it’s no wonder that Slimming World members across the country swear by this clear spirit when wanting an alcoholic indulgence. Pair with a slimline mixer (Free) then your favourite G&T comes in at just the 3.5 syns for the Gin used and becomes the perfect party drink to treat yourself too whether it be at the weekend or for those relaxing nights after work. 

3. Gintastic for your waistline 

Coming in at just 97 calories per shot, its obvious that Gin is a clear favourite for those watching their waistlines but still wanting to enjoy a cheeky drink or two. Not only is this tipple low in calories, its cleansing powers are great for the digestive system keeping bloating at bay!  

4. Great for your bones 

Providing relief from achy joints and gout, Gin’s alcohol content team with the super juniper berries can be an effective treatment for chronic pain and inflammations, such as arthritis. Gin-soaked raisins are especially good to prepare as you can store them in a jar and eat them daily to see the benefits and used by many Arthritis suffers alleviate symptoms.  

5. Gym and Tonic 

Finding yourself signing up for a gym membership this January? Planning on burning off those Christmas calories? Well…did you know that your favourite Gin and Tonic can help you do so. Gin can raise your metabolism and assist in the burning of calories making your waistline trimmer and slimmer in less time. So next time you’re at the pub, grab a G&T and get summer ready before you even know it! 

Gin really is the answer to feeling more healthy and not having to fully abstain. Come and join us in Hogarths this January to try over 100 “Ginuary” perfect serves.