Across the country, many bright eyed and bushy tailed young people are getting ready to travel and set up a new life at their upcoming universities. The next few weeks will see overloads of Ikea furniture travelling up and down the motorways and eager 18-19 year olds getting themselves ready for the most important two weeks of their university initiation – fresher’s.

No matter what university you attend, you are guaranteed to have a fresher’s week of a lifetime. Themed events, special discounts, offers and countless incentives at bars and enough fancy dress parties to keep your creative juices flowing – Fresher’s week is a date in the university calendar that no one wants to miss.

All Hogarths bars provide the perfect environment to ask new housemates and course mates to meet and enjoy a drink round a table to get to know each other. We provide plenty of private booth seating areas and a cosy environment to make you feel you are in a home from home.

Should you join any societies and groups our bars provide the perfect location to gather.

A perfect way to get to know your new friends is by sharing. Our gin sharing trays are just the ticket – with different flavours and gins to choose from you can all gather round and tuck in.

All our bars serve a wide variety of drinks from cocktails to a massive selection of rums and gins all served with premium mixers and garnishes. We also offer a terrific non-alcoholic selection.

Whatever your favourite flavours are Hogarths has a drink perfectly suited to your taste. Our Zymurgorium perfect serves range from Turkish delight to parma violet sweets, with many more flavours reminding you of your childhood classics.

And the best bit about heading to Hogarths after your lectures? Our prices remain consistently low all year round. So once the excitement of fresher’s has worn off Hogarths is here to welcome you with the pound saving prices.

There are 14 Hogarths located around the country with some offering extra special goody bags this week for fresher’s.

Fresher’s you can find your nearest Hogarths at the following Facebook and Instagram pages. Like and follow us so you can stay informed on what’s happening across our bars and up to date on all our latest favourite flavours:

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