Gin Cures Hayfever

Itchy eyes, runny noses and a constant stream of sneezes – many of us out there are seasonal sufferers of the almighty Hay-fever. We are left with symptoms that make us want to shut out Summer and avoid the outside altogether. But here at Hogarths, we want you to enjoy the magic that is the British Summertime and we have a rather creative cure that will hopefully ease those sniffly symptoms. 

For many years, the glorious Gin and Tonic has been famous for its medicinal effects. Since its unearthing in the early 1800s, the G&T has helped many ailments such as Malaria, Liver Disease, Joint Pain and now even the side effects of Hayfever. As we know, Quinine (found in many tonics) sourced from the Fever Tree – hence why the brand got its name – has been proven to do be the perfect remedy time and time again. 

All Hail The Hay-Fever Helper

According to Asthma UK, you can find some help in clear spirits such as gin and vodka, which have a relatively low histamine content. The histamine being what causes the symptoms of Hayfever in the first places. But while sipping a G&T won’t fully cure Hayfever symptoms fully, it is definitely something we are willing to try!

As more and more studies are developing about the health benefits of the great G&T, at Hogarths we recommend a gin of choice if you wish to ward off any runny noses or itchy eyes in our wonderful beer gardens this summer season. Developed and created in 2017, Warner Edwards Honey Bee gin would be one of our top choices for those of who wishing to prevent those sneezy symptoms. Research has shown that honey has the ability to relive Hayfever symptoms as a spoonful contains small amounts of the pollen many of us have an allergy to, prolonged exposure results in a build-up in immunity and voila…symptoms can be relieved. 

 So if you want to combine two wonderful Hayfever cures then grab yourself a perfect serve of Honeybee Gin and save yourself from the pesky pollen whilst enjoying a glorious G&T at Hogarths this summer.