Gin Popsicles

Elderflower G&T Ice pops – taste as good as they sound!

Days are getting longer, temperatures soaring and us Brits are eagerly anticipating a great summer. It goes without saying summer is right around the corner and here at Hogarths we love to share ideas to keep your taste buds tingling.  

As you know, we adore gin. Whether it be a classic London dry or a fruity favourite – everything that has evolved from the simple G&T is just magic, magic magic. So with some hocus pocus, a pinch of alcazam and a whole heap of abracadabra – you can rustle up so amazing Gin based treats that will keep your gincredible thirst quenched no matter what the weather brings – it is Britain after all. 

We ask you – is there anything better than kicking off your shoes, lying back in the garden waiting for the BBQ to fire up and tempting your taste buds with a delicious ice lolly to cool you down in the sizzling sun. Well if you’re feeling hot, hot, hot – have a go at recreating this amazing G&T ice pop recipe for those quiet nights in the garden or wow your friends at the next BBQ with these amazing treats. 

To make these ice pops sound even more tempting – courtesy of the brilliant brains at ‘Pinch of Nom’ these G&T popsicles at just a measly 1.5 syns each – you can enjoy your favourite G&T without worrying about your next weigh in. All you need is your favourite gin, a perfect tonic, some lolly moulds (available on Amazon) and some friends to enjoy them with – if you’re feeling ginerous. 

What you need:

50 ml Gin (For 6 syns) you can use more. We used Sipsmith.

200 ml Low calorie tonic (We recommend Fever tree)

50 ml Teisseire 0% Elderflower Squash (or any squash at 0% sugar)

What to do:

Step 1

Pour a G&T – just to keep you going until these pops are ready.

Step 2

Mix all the liquids in a jug. Fill 4 Popsicle mounds until they are 3/4 full. It is important not to overfill them as they will expand in volume when frozen.

Step 3

Freeze for at least 4 hours or preferably overnight.

Pour another G&T whilst waiting for your popsicles to freeze

Once frozen – enjoy straight from the freezer