On Friday 25th January, Scots all around the globe will be celebrating this fantastic festival evening. Marking the wonderful work of Scottish poet Robert Burns, this annual holiday celebration is renowned throughout Scotland with many holding ‘Burns Suppers’ to commemorate the poet. 

Traditional ‘Burns Suppers’ are held on Burns Night. Ranging from informal to formal events, only for women, for men, or both genders this ceremonies promise to wow as they include scrumptious food, poetry readings and right good ole knees up. Even the famous ‘Haggis’ (a type of sausage prepared in a sheep’s stomach) holds its own in Burns Supper events. The celebrations centre on the entrance of the ‘haggis that is served on a large platter to the sound of a piper playing bagpipes. When the haggis is placed on the table, the host reads the “Address to a Haggis”. This is an ode that Robert Burns wrote to the Scottish dish. At the end of the reading, the haggis is ceremonially sliced into two pieces and the meal begins – definitely a celebration to remember.

So here at Hogarths we are doing our very own ‘ode to all things Scottish’ and here we have list of Edinburgh Gin flavours that you should definitely be sampling this brilliant Burns Night.

  1. Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur

As Perthshire is celebrated for producing the most flavoursome soft fruit, of course Edinburgh Gin would source their ripe and ravishing raspberries from their beautiful county. The fruit is hand-picked at peak ripeness from a family-owned farm in Alyth, Blairgowrie to ensure the perfect balance; ensuring just the right amount of sweetness to balance the tartness of the raspberries. This seductively coloured gin liqueur is best served with Schweppes Lemonade, over Ice with a handful of fresh raspberries.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes Lemonade or Tonic Garnish with Raspberries

  • Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur

Although not as powerful as its 40% ABV counterparts, this 20% ABV liqueur dazzles any palette. With rich and luxurious, countryside inspired ingredients; this gin-based tipple acts as a perfect pair to a simple tonic or even a glass of your favourite fizz. The rhubarb and spices are left to macerate for four weeks, allowing for the complex flavours to marry together thus resulting in a gin that is gloriously great.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Tonic with Fresh Ginger OR Try Our Rhubarb Rumble Cocktail

  • Edinburgh Plum & Vanilla Liqueur

An opulent gin liqueur packed with luxurious flavour. With juicy Scottish plumbs and exotic Madagascan vanilla, this is the latest member of the Edinburgh gin family.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Tonic with Slice Lemon

  • Edinburgh Elderflower

A sweet, aromatic, flavourful Scottish gin liqueur produced by the Edinburgh gin company. This has a beautiful floral flavour derived from natural elderflower essences. Elderflowers have a distinctive floral aroma and flavour that marry beautifully with gin botanicals. The elderflowers are handpicked in full bloom and then infused with classic Edinburgh Gin. The flowers are then left to macerate for a month for full flavour extraction. A gin liqueur that is pure perfection.

Hogarths Perfect Serve: Over ice with Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic with a slice of lemon.

So to all you Scots out there, raise a glass to this fantastic poet and the day that celebrates him. Get yourself to Hogarths, grab a gin and raise a glass to your “Sláinte Mhath!”