World Gin Day

This weekend at Hogarth’s join us to celebrate one of the best festivities of the year…World Gin Day!

At Hogarth’s we have an exquisite range of gins to get your hands on so whether you like a good old Tanqueray and Tonic or one of our classic cocktails – here at Hogarth’s there will definitely be something that takes your fancy.

Fancy yourself a cocktail connoisseur?

In addition to over 120 phenomenal tasting gins, our expertly trained bar staff can also lure you into the world of gin with our 6 classic cocktails in our Perfect Serve Series that every Hogarth’s  will create in front of your very eyes. Talk about a treat for the taste buds!

So if you are a gin virgin and want to ease your way into the world of gin – then ask for a concoction of one of these 6 divine drinks that will definitely having you come back for more…


Bramble – This forest-fruit flamboyant serve is definitely one of you gin virgins out there. A mix of Beefeater Gin, sour mix and Chambord serve over crushed ice and blackberry garnish – this drink is a must have for first timers.

Gin Juice – Another Beefeater brilliance with this gorgeous gin based serve. A blend of gin and apple, orange & cranberry juice – this delicious drink is just what you need to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day.

Jammy Hendricks – This will definitely rock your socks off. Hendricks Gin is the rock star of this cocktail perfectly paired with Chambord, Raspberry Jam and Lemonade – this classic cocktail is one for you sweet tooth’s out there – it’s even garnished a scrumptious Jammy Dodger!


Rhubarb Rumble – Edinburgh gin has taken the world by storm over the past year and this tipple is the reason. A combination Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger liqueur with Advocaat, Apple Juice and Rhubarb bitter produces a candy cocktail that will make you feel as if you’re walking down to your local sweet shop for a bag of your favourite Rhubarb and Custards. You even get a handful with this delightful drink!

If gin isn’t your thing – grab yourself one of our Perfect Serve Series to get you in the mood to party

Espresso Martini – If shaken not stirred is your things, grab yourself this classic coffee creation that seduces your senses. A blend of vodka, coffee liqueur and a hard shot of Espresso – this tipple will keep you awake and ready to party into the early hours.

 Mojito – The highlight of Havana nights – Hogarth’s Mojito will make you feel Cuban through and through. Bacardi, Sugar Syrup, Lime, Mint and Soda – is the staple of this Perfect Serve. Garnished with fresh mint and lime; the magic of our Mojito will dazzle you until dawn.

So no matter what you love to drink – Hogarth’s has something for everyone!

Grab your friends and come celebrate World Gin Day with us.