It’s Flippin’ Pancake Day

For many of us, January seemed liked the longest month on record, February went in a flash and now spring is soon on our doorsteps. Supermarket aisles have filled with Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks are taking over shelves and the war over finding the glorified “white crème egg” has begun. But before we divulge into a weekend of scoffing our faces with more chocolate than we can handle, there is an important day in our calendar. 

It’s that time where the nation grabs their flour, eggs and frying pans and heads into the kitchen racking up a delicious heap of our favourite spring staple – The Pancake.

We have hunted down the best gin flavours to add to your pancakes:

Boozy Berries – Soak your favourite berries in your favourite gin for a good 24 hours and spread them across your pancake.

Gin Jam – Always one of our “go to’s” Gin Jam uses the left over raspberries which form Pinkster Gin and make a delicious jam, easy to spread over your pancake.

Marks & Spencer Lemon Gin & Tonic Sauce – New to the shelves this year M&S have brought out a classic partner for any pancake lover. “A tart and tangy sauce full of classic, punchy flavour and made with 4% gin”

We have also found a recipe to make your Pancake Day as perfect as possible, not only will it delight your tastebuds it will even keep your waistline at bay. As you know, we love sharing recipes based on the Slimming World lifestyle plan and our Pancake recipe is no different. Using up your Healthy Extra B, this recipe is fun, filling and absolutely flippin’ tasty. 

What you need:

40g Porridge Oats (blitzed or unblitzed)

50ml Skimmed Milk 

1 medium egg

(Makes approx 8 mini pancakes)


  1. If you would like a smooth set of pancakes, blitz your oats in a food processor until a powdery mixture is created. 
  2. Measure out 50 ml of milk and combine with your oats and skimmed milk – this should produce a thick mixture
  3. Heat up frylight in a frying pan and gently pour rounds of the mixture into your frying pan. 
  4. When the mixture looks to be moveable (this should be after 1.5 minutes), flip the pancakes and cook the other side. 
  5. Stack up and serve with berries, Greek yogurt or for an indulgent treat – Nutella/peanut butter. 

Have your frying pans at the ready because on the 5thMarch 2019 – we hope you have an absolutely flippin fantastic day.