Noun – a prickly scrambling shrub of the rose family, especially a blackberry.

Verb – to gather blackberries.

Hogarths – Blackberries to be enjoyed with gin

Growing up, many remember the days of foraging in woodland areas to find handfuls of blackberries to take home. Often with the mentality of one in the punnet and one in mouth, gathering these delicious fruits for pies, crumbles or even just to devour by themselves was a youthful memory many of us experienced as children.

So in homage of the simple yet beautiful blackberry we want to talk about one of our all time favourite perfect serves: Brockmans.

  • Cooled glass filled to the top with ice
  • 50ml measure Brockamans gin
  • Slowed poured Schweppes ginger ale
  • Generous garnish of fresh blackberries
  • Savour Every Sip

We often hear that gin lovers want to try a different mixer other than tonic. Brockmans and ginger ale is a marriage made in heaven and is a perfect serve that needs to be tried.

Head to your nearest Hogarths this month!