With Spring just a few moments away, March not only marks the month of celebrating fresh starts but it also harbours one of the most festive events in the Irish calendar…its St Patrick’s Day. The Guinness is pouring, the Irish tricolour will be hung and most definitely the whiskey will be flowing. This weekend Hogarths will be hosting some fantastic St Paddy’s events that you will certainly remember. 

But why is St Patrick’s Day so popular?

St Patrick’s Day is an annual globalcelebration of Irish culture which falls every year on the 17th March. Originally it was a day to remember St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland in the fifth century and actually didn’t drink alcohol. Now, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the globe, especially within Irish communities and organisations – but for those of us who aren’t Irish – we don our ginger beards, shamrock hats, cover ourselves in green and become Irish for the day to raise a glass to St Patrick. 

The World of Wonderful Whiskey

Of course, it is impossible to mention St Patrick’s Day without paying homage to one of the greatest whiskeys of Irish heritage Jameson. As Ireland’s No1 whiskey, Jameson’s has delighted the taste buds of whiskey drinkers for many many years. But did you know… St Patricks Day is the 2ndbiggest Jameson consumption occasion outside of Christmas and no matter what Hogarths you visit this weekend, you will be able to grab a glass of this wonderful whiskey…however you like it! 

This St. Patricks Day try the Jameson fantastic ‘Hero Serve’ to pay respects to Ireland’s classic whiskey. The ‘Hero Serve’contains a good serve of Jameson’s whiskey, ginger ale and lime. This serve is the perfect way to jazz up the classic whiskey and for those of you who are not tempted by a Jameson’s on the rocks, grab our ‘Hero Serve’ and start your love of this superb Irish spirit. 

So no matter what you are doing this weekend, grab your family, grab your friends and head to your local Hogarths to grab yourself your favourite gin or tempt your taste buds with the “Hero Serve” but if there is one thing to remember this weekend it is.. St Paddy’s Day is a day to make stories, not plans.