Pride of Hogarths

As the month of June has come to a sunny end, here at Hogarths we wanted to take pride in one of the most influential events taking place across many countries in the world. LGBTQ+ Pride Month. The rainbow flags are out, marches are booming and across the world people are coming together to show tolerance, diversity and show that it “is okay to be gay”.  At Hogarths we most definitely believe that Love is Love is Love and to celebrate this annual celebration of overcoming all things queer, one of our bars; Hogarths Lancaster has something amazing on offer to commemorate this fantastic event. 

Welcome all, to the Pride Gin Tree. Consisting of 9 Perfect Serves – this colourful rainbow of our best gins is on offer at just £55. The wonderful gin sharer contains a double measure of gin, complimentary mixer and a glorious garnish. Representing each of the colours of the Pride Rainbow – this Pride Gin Tree is definitely one to share with your loved ones and raise a glass (or 9) to how far we have progressed in LGBT+ gay rights and all things rainbowfied. 

The Tree Consists Of:

1X Hogarth’s Strawberry & Vanilla

2x Boe Spiced Orange

2x Hogarth’s Passion Fruits

1x Zymurgorium Sweet Violet

1x Beefeater with Midori & Mixer

2x Beefeater with Bols & Mixer. 

Focused around the Stonewall riots in Manhattan in June 1969, Pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer people. Pride celebrates the love that each and every one of us has a right to and across our Hogarths home towns – events will be popping up with marches, parties and festivals across the UK such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds Pride. With recent homophobic attacks hitting headlines in places such as London, Pride is important now more than ever to raise awareness and tolerance that is it ok to love who you love. So from all of us at Hogarths – get your rainbows ready because although the official month for Pride is over – we cannot wait for the LGBTQ+ events that are still to come.

So come and share a perfect serve with whoever you love and remember be PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE