The Pink Pig

Yes that’s right. We’ve created a cocktail featuring Percy Pigs!

Here at Hogarths we love taking your favourite treats and turning them into something magical. As a nation, we adore it when our favourite flavours are re-imagined into boozy treats. We have taken everything from Parma Violets to Fruits Pastels and turned them into cocktails to remember.

When deciding on our next innovation – there was one sweet treat that we all were raving mad about. Perched in the pen at M&S, these perfectly piggy treats are a must have whenever we pop into the department store. So when it comes to creating a new Perfect Serve with the nation’s favourite sweet flavour well – this time – even we have outdone ourselves.

Here’s introducing The Pink Pig.

Made with your favourite M&S piggy treats, our Pink Pig cocktail contains Percy Pigs, a dollop of Percy Pigs sauce and garnished with a sweet amount of candy-floss. Creating a pig-tastic cocktail that you will love time and time again.

Our Pink Pig contains:

Gordons Pink Gin, (some of our bars may swap this to Puerto D’Indias Pink Gin) Strawberry Syrup, Cranberry Juice with M&S Percy Pig Sauce all Topped with Lemonade.

Available in Hogarths, this pink piggy potion will put a curl in your tail and leaving you oinking all night long.

When it comes to drinks, this is not just a Perfect Serve, this is a Hogarths Pink Pig perfect serve.