Top 3 Reasons to Go Out Out For NYE

Here at Hogarths we love everything about a night out. From the music to the libations, sometimes there is nothing better than a good ole dance in your favourite bar. So if you’re sat pondering how to bring in 2020, we have 3 reasons why you definitely should be OUT this NYE. 

The Atmosphere

It might sound like a no brainer but the atmosphere on a night out literally can NEVER be recreated at home. We try. We fail. It’s a given. There is no greater atmosphere on a night out than at NYE. Plus, New Year’s Eve brings together the best experience in going out history – the pub-full rendition of Auld Lang Syne. We can picture it now, 100 or more people joining arms and hands wailing out the Scottish classic to bring in the hopes and dreams for the New Year – Could you wish for anything more?

The Drinks 

No matter how well stocked your drinks cabinet is at home, it will NEVER compare to the amazing amount of booze on offer at your favourite Hogarths. Whether it be gin, vodka or even those classic cocktails – going out on New Year’s Eve at least promises you can get your hands on your favourite Mojito that you really can’t be bothered making at home. 

There’s no need to worry about mixers, whether you have enough ice or even if all your glasses match. It’s just you, your cash and a bartender needed to get those lovely libations to get your NYE off to an amazing start.  

The Memories 

No one remembers the nights when they got plenty of sleep 

At Hogarths we live by this mantra. New Year’s Eve is all about those amazing parties, in those amazing places with amazing people. Whether it’s a fancy dress beach party, a midnight rave in a warehouse or a silent disco in your favourite bar, the nights of great events are the ones we most definitely remember. Think about it? What has been your favourite NYE story to date? The one at that house where you “saved money” or that party in the middle of the city that you spoke about for months later. NYE is all about celebrating what’s happened and bringing in the New Year with cheer – so do yourself a favour – pull out that party outfit, get on the phone to your nearest and dearest and this year go OUT OUT and have a NYE to remember.