Why a Date in Hogarths Is What You Need

Valentines Day is here, whether you’re taken, single, it’s complicated or looking for a night with your ‘Gal’-entines or ‘Pal’-entines. Look no further than – Hogarths.

An ideal date for gin-lovers, rum lovers, cocktails lovers, beer lovers and more, a date in your nearest Hogarths is what you need.

Here are our top three reasons, why a date at Hogarths should be at the top of your list this Valentines.

Gin Flights

Our flight of gins can be enjoyed all to yourself or if you’re wanting to spread some love you can share them. Simply choose which gin flight you would like, you will receive a measure of 3 different gins presented on a wooden tray accompanied by the perfect serve mixer, either tonic or lemonade.

There are 4 different flights to choose from: ‘Pretty In Pink’, ‘Tanqueray Flight’, ‘Edinburgh Liqueur Flight’ and our very own ‘Willie Hogarths Flight’.

Gin Sharing Trays 

The clue is in the title, sharing, is after all, caring. Our gin sharing trays have been carefully selected with our best selling gins and gin liqueurs. Each tray comes with five 50ml measures of gin, or gin liqueur, and five mixers with a selection of garnish.

Think Pink

Best of the rest, as we have over 140 gins to choose from (bear in mind we’ve not mentioned our rum, vodka and cocktail selection) Here are best of the rest.

  • Edinburgh Raspberry
  • Puerto D’Indias Pink
  • Pinkster
  • Parma Violet

What’s even better is we aren’t all about gin, we have a great selection of cask ales, draught lagers, bottle beers and much more.

So whether you’re spending your valentine weekend with your significant other, boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, gals, pals or even a friend with benefits – come to Hogarths and share some lovin with us.