Is Britain Gin Crazy?

Since its introduction in the 17th Century, Gin’s history has been something of ups and downs. However, in recent years, it has become one of drinks of choice for Britons across the country.

Although William Hogarth’s 1751 art depicted gin drinking as evil and life ruining for the inhabitants of the famous Gin Lane, it is surprising how stylish and sophisticated it now is to have a perfect serve G&T in your local bar or pub.

The 1920s saw the boom in positivity in regards to the classiness of the Gin and Tonic. It hit the heights of glamour and was adopted as the “Cinderella of Spirits” as it became the fuel of many upper-class and regal parties and events.

Despite fizzling out of popularity in the mid-20th century, the love of all things gin has grown and grown in the new 21st Century which has a new, more sophisticated and hipper, outlook on the famous clear spirit. With gin flavours being imagined like never before, now you can grab a gin that tastes like nothing you have had in your life. Long gone are the days of the ‘classic G&T’ and now are the days of gin that defies the sense and that is re-envisioned to make us fall in love with the terrific tipple once again.

And new studies have shown that gin can even cure your common cold, with winter well and truly here, this gives us even more a reason to drink our beloved gin.

“Thanks to its natural base ingredients – juniper, sage, coriander, nutmeg, rosemary, gin come packed with fruity antioxidants and herbal benefits that could power each glass with some rather healthy rewards.

Juniper berries are considered a superfood, in that they come laden with fortifying antioxidants and plenty of Vitamin C, which could help to stave off colds, flu and bugs.

Gin also contains low sulphite levels, another “cold villain” that is particularly difficult for asthmatics”

With over 45 million bottles of gin purchased last year, Britain is set to become one of the greatest gin consumers in the world. UK gin sales have doubled with records reaching a staggering £1.2bn in 2016. New brands are stepping into the limelight and classic brands are jumping on coloured & flavoured gin bandwagon – it’s no wonder we have gone gin crazy.

At no point does our love of this tremendous tipple seem to be slowing down and with new colours, flavours and textures of gin created each and every day by brands across the world, it is no surprise that our drink of choice is the glorious G&T.

So if you are new to this gin craze or simply want to try something more ginspirational then head to Hogarth’s – The Home of Gin and get your hands on our many perfect serves and join the craze that is sweeping the nation…one balloon glass at a time.