World Gin Day

Saturday 8th June marks one of the best gin events in the calendar and we will be celebrating ‘World Gin Day’ throughout our palaces across the weekend. During this fantastic day, get yourselves to Hogarths and try some of our 100 phenomenal gins that we have to offer. So whether you are a gin fanatic or a newbie to gin, you will definitely find a gin that floats your boat.

Where did the celebrations beGIN?

Founded by Neil Houston 2009 – this fantastic day was born from a bright idea Neil had to meet up with friends in Birmingham and share a gin (or two). One of Neil’s friends including fellow gin enthusiast Emma Stokes, decided to take the Gin party to a quaint bar in Soho, London called Graphic in 2010. Since then, the day has grown and grown and now reaches a more extensive audience. 

In 2013, Emma took charge and decided to make the day bigger than ever creating social media platforms to promote the celebration. As of today, World Gin Day is celebrated in over 30 countries globally and has a fan base of over 200 million on social media networks. It really is GINsane! 

How this year is going to be the best yet?

To really throw a celebration we like to give something back to everyone. This year we have asked all our gin loving customers to visit their favourite Hogarths and bring with them a can of beans…….yes a tin of baked beans! Why? Because if you bring a can of beans into us in return we will give you a free Zymurgorium perfect serve, that’s a 50ml measure of gin, premium mixer and garnish. Seems like a fair swap right? And what about the beans? We’ll be donating them to local food banks.

With World Gin Day moments away, the teams across our Hogarths have also worked together to give you a chance of winning some amazing prizes this weekend. To celebrate, each of our 13 Hogarths are creating individual World Gin Tray based on which Gin you vote for! Each week YOU have chosen gins to feature in our World Gin Tray and as the weeks have passed, the general public has chosen some of our favourite gintastic tipples to showcase in our trays. 

So with the winners of each round featuring the likes of Tanqueray, Hendricks, Pinkster and Zymurgorium – get yourselves to your local Hogarth’s Facebook page to vote for you next favourite gin. Winners from each Hogarth’s are chosen at random and presented with our fantastic ‘chosen by you’ gin tray to enjoy with those around you. So from all of us at Hogarth’s – Happy World Gin Day – get voting and give yourself a chance to win something GINspirationa