Bottled and distilled right in the heart of Belfast. This is a gin that packs an almighty punch. With its signature style coined in the phrase ‘greatness through graft and craft’, this new gin on the block promises to wow until the very last drop. 

The Jaw Box Story

Based just outside the beautiful Belfast, there lies a vast 300-acre country estate dating back to the 16th Century that is home to the distillery and fields that the grains for their gin is grown and harvested. Triple-distilled on-site in traditional copper pots the distilled in small batches using time-honoured methods using a secret recipe of botanicals, including their local Belfast Black Mountain heather. 

With gin becoming a focal point in rich and poor homes across Belfast, this sassy spirit became a talking point in many a kitchen cross the wonderful city and thus Jawbox was named – the gin that everyone is talking about. With a classic London Dry at its heart and then jazzed up with a secret recipe of botanicals – this glorious gin is definitely something us at Hogarths will be talking about each and every night. 

The Jawbox family

With a tremendous trio of glorious gins – we can’t help rave about the brains behind this brilliant brand:

First up is The Jawbox Classic Dry Gin,  taking the lead as the showstopper to this triage but it is closely followed by two lavish liqueurs that taste amazing until the very last drop. 

Jawbox Classic Dry Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Tonic & Lime

Pineapple & Ginger liqueur. Take their classic Jawbox gin, add some fiery ginger spice and finish with the intense flavour of pineapple. Yes pineapple and what you have is a drink that takes you right into the tropics.  Expertly balanced and perfectly combined this gin marries sweet and spice with the unique botanicals of their classic gin.

Jawbox Pineapple & Ginger Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes Ginger Ale & Pineapple

Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur. It’s a classic combination, sweet and tangy Rhubarb which is then balanced with warming ginger for a perfect balance of flavours. This classic garden vegetable (yes it’s a vegetable) has been grown in back yards and pots for generations creating a tart freshness of flavour that synchronises so sweetly with their gin.

Rhubarb & Ginger Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes Ginger Ale & Fresh Ginger

So with this Belfast beauty hitting our shelves, great yourself to Hogarth’s and take and adventure with this incredible Irish indulgence. 


 Noun – a prickly scrambling shrub of the rose family, especially a blackberry.

Verb – to gather blackberries.

Hogarths – Blackberries to be enjoyed with gin

Growing up, many remember the days of foraging in woodland areas to find handfuls of blackberries to take home. Often with the mentality of one in the punnet and one in mouth, gathering these delicious fruits for pies, crumbles or even just to devour by themselves was a youthful memory many of us experienced as children.

So in homage of the simple yet beautiful blackberry we want to talk about one of our all time favourite perfect serves: Brockmans.

  • Cooled glass filled to the top with ice
  • 50ml measure Brockamans gin
  • Slowed poured Schweppes ginger ale
  • Generous garnish of fresh blackberries
  • Savour Every Sip

We often hear that gin lovers want to try a different mixer other than tonic. Brockmans and ginger ale is a marriage made in heaven and is a perfect serve that needs to be tried.

Head to your nearest Hogarths this month!

With autumn well and truly underway, the golden leaves of the upcoming months promises to fall upon on what can only be described at the most nail biting championship in the Rugby Calendar. Hosted in the wonderful Asian country of Japan, The Rugby World Cup 2019 will hopefully be the year that one of the British Isles takes home the trophy once and for all. 

With England captained by the always incredible Owen Farrell and winning their first match against Tonga with a whopping 35-3 defeat – can this be the year of the roses with Farrell and the boys bringing home the title? The match saw team captain Owen Farrell become the top scorer with 15 points and amazing play by Manu Tuilagi scoring 2 tries in the first half. It is time for the boys in white to put the Six Nations disappointment behind them and channel all their power into defeating the power houses of New Zealand’s All Blacks. 

Leading the squad for Wales is Alun Wyn Jones. After an almighty championship run at the Six Nations, is it the time for Wales to pull out all the stops and show the World what they can really do. With their first match against Georgia – the mighty Welsh dragons just need to keep their cool and poise in order to power through the upcoming rounds. 

So with the Rugby World Cup Final just over a month away, the world’s eyes will be glued to screens to witness what will hopefully be a win for one of our amazing British teams. Hosting a range of wide screen TV’s, great deals of beers and ciders and enough spirits to take your fancy – we can bet there is no better place to catch all of the live Rugby action than right here at Hogarth’s. 

So whether you’re an English Rose, a Welsh Dragon or simply just fancy catching some superb sport in the best gin bar – get yourselves to Hogarths and lets cheer the boys on! 

Across the country, many bright eyed and bushy tailed young people are getting ready to travel and set up a new life at their upcoming universities. The next few weeks will see overloads of Ikea furniture travelling up and down the motorways and eager 18-19 year olds getting themselves ready for the most important two weeks of their university initiation – fresher’s.

No matter what university you attend, you are guaranteed to have a fresher’s week of a lifetime. Themed events, special discounts, offers and countless incentives at bars and enough fancy dress parties to keep your creative juices flowing – Fresher’s week is a date in the university calendar that no one wants to miss.

All Hogarths bars provide the perfect environment to ask new housemates and course mates to meet and enjoy a drink round a table to get to know each other. We provide plenty of private booth seating areas and a cosy environment to make you feel you are in a home from home.

Should you join any societies and groups our bars provide the perfect location to gather.

A perfect way to get to know your new friends is by sharing. Our gin sharing trays are just the ticket – with different flavours and gins to choose from you can all gather round and tuck in.

All our bars serve a wide variety of drinks from cocktails to a massive selection of rums and gins all served with premium mixers and garnishes. We also offer a terrific non-alcoholic selection.

Whatever your favourite flavours are Hogarths has a drink perfectly suited to your taste. Our Zymurgorium perfect serves range from Turkish delight to parma violet sweets, with many more flavours reminding you of your childhood classics.

And the best bit about heading to Hogarths after your lectures? Our prices remain consistently low all year round. So once the excitement of fresher’s has worn off Hogarths is here to welcome you with the pound saving prices.

There are 14 Hogarths located around the country with some offering extra special goody bags this week for fresher’s.

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With summer well and truly underway, August brings us one of the greatest sporting rivalries since its beginning way back in 1882. Nearly 150 years later, millions will be watching over the next few weeks to see who will bring home the title. Yes, that’s right, it is time for the Ashes 2019 and here at Hogarths we have everything set for you to enjoy the world’s greatest cricket in your favourite gin palace. 

Where It Did All Begin?

For those of you who are unaware of the history of the ashes, it is believed the term ‘ashes’ was coined after Australia won the test series back in 1882-1883. With Australia winning on English soil, at the Oval, the media went crazy and vowed that the next series would be a ‘quest to regain the ashes’. However, the term died off in later series but was globally revitalised from 1903 when Pelham Warner claimed he would take the England team to Australia to regain ‘the ashes’ and since then the phrase has stuck and has been its name ever since. 

What Are ‘The Ashes’?

At the start of ‘ashes’ history, when England won two of the three tests on the Tour in Australia, a small urn was presented to England by a group of Melbourne ladies. The contents of the urn are said to be the ashes of a wooden bail and humorously described as the “ashes of Australian cricket”.  Since then, the urn is presented to the winning team who win the majority of the tests in the series. If the series is drawn, then the urn goes to the team who held the ashes in the previous tournament. Whether the urn still contains the same ashes is a mystery to this day, but wouldn’t it be amazing if the urn held actually contained remains of the wicket from the first tournament over 150 years ago! 

This Year

With the first test at Edgbaston, luck is set in our favour as England haven’t lost a test at Edgbaston to a team in over 11 years. Captained by the amazing Joe Root and teamed with the stars of Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow – the England team is looking stronger than ever so let’s hope that the ashes are coming home and we show the Aussies who really are the keeper of the ashes!

Catch all of the ashes action in your local Hogarth’s, with our glorious gins, brilliant beers and fantastic flat screen tvs – we have everything you need to make this ashes the best one yet!

Photo Credit: By danielgreef/Dan –, CC BY 2.0,

The sun is shining, the weather is warm and school staff have kicked off their heels and finished for the summer holidays. Across the country, teachers and teaching assistants can wake up without the pressure of a 9am class and spend their time planning what fun things they are going to do whilst enjoying classroom-free time off. 

At Hogarths we applaud the hard-work school teachers and support staff put in to nurture the minds of the next generation and with the term well and truly over – we have some fantastic gins to celebrate that school is finally done and dusted…at least for the next 5 weeks.

Our Top 3 Gins For You Hardworking Teachers:

A Fruity, Floral Favourite 

This fruit-laced gin is perfect for the summer months. Brockmans gin is flavoured with 10 botanicals, including citrus and wild berries which blends perfectly with the soft and rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries. We recommend to serve this glorious gin over ice with a garnish of blueberries and blackberries and a splash of Ginger Ale.

The Quintessential Gin

We would be wrong to recommend any gins without including a British classic. Tanqueray London Dry Gin is the gin of champions and to all you educational professionals out there – you deserve the best.  This classically crisp gin has exceptional, fresh grapefruit citrus fruit notes as well as subtle juniper and a delicious hint of spice, along with a touch of dryness on the palate. We serve perfectly over ice with Fevertree Tonic and a handful of lemon wedges

The Luscious Liqueur

There are ever expanding flavours coming from Zymurgorium. We’re still loving the sweet shop inspired ‘Parma Violets’ – this has been one of our best-selling gins since opening. This sweet violet gin liqueur from the inventive Manchester distillers produces a subtly floral gin that is great for those of you knew to gin or that fancy something a little sweeter on the palette. We perfectly serve this Wonkatastic creation with Schweppes Lemonade, over ice and with crushed Parma Violets. 

So now that many of you have been literally ‘saved by the bell’ – get yourselves and your friends, take some time to relax and grab yourself one of our perfect serves and start your summer in style.