So that’s it. We’ve said goodbye to another decade and hello to the joys of what the next one will bring. Here at Hogarths we have plenty to celebrate about the upcoming year and have comprised a collection of events you can look forward to celebrating with us.. 

February 2020

At Hogarths we love everything romantic. Valentines being a night to celebrate that love really is…all around, we invite you to Hogarths to enjoy a Gin Sharing Tray we those you love. But what makes this Valentines different to others? 

Well, as 2020 features a leap year, women out there who are feeling extra brave and extra romantic may chose on Valentines or on 29th to propose to the men in their lives (as Irish tradition suggests it’s good luck for women to propose on a leap year day). We can set the scene, provide the music and offer Dutch courage if you decide to take the leap, this year. 

March – The Six Nations

The arrival of spring means only one thing in the rugby world…the arrival of the Six Nations tournament. At Hogarths we love rugby. The nail biting 2019 championship saw Wales take the Grand Slam and power their way to their 12thtitle. Can Wales keep their hands firmly around the trophy or will Owen Farrell and the boys take England to victory at the start of the new decade? 

April – The Grand National 

When the joys of chocolate eggs filling our fridges are in the making, Aintree’s Grand National definitely sets our hearts pounding for our love of spring. Sweepstakes at work, bets online and quick stops at the bookies, the entirety of Britain keeps their eyes firmly on the screen for that 3pm race. After a marvellous run in 2019, can Davy Russell and Tiger Roll make it a triple and win the cup for the third year on the run? No doubt, here at Hogarths we will have our eyes fixated onto those screens when the claxon goes. 

June – Euro 2020

Summer 2020 promises one of the highlights in the football calendar. The UEFA European cup. With the matches kicking off again on 12th June, can England do what’s needed to bring home the trophy? At Hogarth’s, we will be featuring all the matches on the run up to final, so if you’re a fan of football and great drinks head to Hogarth’s this summer.  

July – British Grand Prix, Silverstone 

As one of the greatest racing events in the British calendar, The Grand Prix at Silverstone promises to be as thrilling as it has ever been. Eyes will be glued to screens to witness competitors Lewis Hamilton and teammate Bottas challenge for the championship. Can Hamilton cement himself as one of the best F1 drivers in history by claiming a record breaking 7th victory at Silverstone or will he get piped to the flag by fellow Mercedes driver. Well, we cannot wait to see…

So with a mass array of events coming up this year, 2020 promises to be the start of an amazing decade for sport and you can catch every second of it at your local Hogarths. Keep an eye on your local Hogarths page for other sporting events that will feature throughout the year. 

Here at Hogarths we love everything about a night out. From the music to the libations, sometimes there is nothing better than a good ole dance in your favourite bar. So if you’re sat pondering how to bring in 2020, we have 3 reasons why you definitely should be OUT this NYE. 

The Atmosphere

It might sound like a no brainer but the atmosphere on a night out literally can NEVER be recreated at home. We try. We fail. It’s a given. There is no greater atmosphere on a night out than at NYE. Plus, New Year’s Eve brings together the best experience in going out history – the pub-full rendition of Auld Lang Syne. We can picture it now, 100 or more people joining arms and hands wailing out the Scottish classic to bring in the hopes and dreams for the New Year – Could you wish for anything more?

The Drinks 

No matter how well stocked your drinks cabinet is at home, it will NEVER compare to the amazing amount of booze on offer at your favourite Hogarths. Whether it be gin, vodka or even those classic cocktails – going out on New Year’s Eve at least promises you can get your hands on your favourite Mojito that you really can’t be bothered making at home. 

There’s no need to worry about mixers, whether you have enough ice or even if all your glasses match. It’s just you, your cash and a bartender needed to get those lovely libations to get your NYE off to an amazing start.  

The Memories 

No one remembers the nights when they got plenty of sleep 

At Hogarths we live by this mantra. New Year’s Eve is all about those amazing parties, in those amazing places with amazing people. Whether it’s a fancy dress beach party, a midnight rave in a warehouse or a silent disco in your favourite bar, the nights of great events are the ones we most definitely remember. Think about it? What has been your favourite NYE story to date? The one at that house where you “saved money” or that party in the middle of the city that you spoke about for months later. NYE is all about celebrating what’s happened and bringing in the New Year with cheer – so do yourself a favour – pull out that party outfit, get on the phone to your nearest and dearest and this year go OUT OUT and have a NYE to remember.

We’re sure, by now, you have heard about the Hogarths Gin Advent Calendar. A virtual advent calendar to rule them all.  Our first week has been a huge success and we’ve been thrilled to see so many people share the festive love and enter.

Please keep entering everyday and an amazing bottle of gin could be ‘driving home for Christmas’ to your door.

We are giving away 24 different gins every single day on the run up to Christmas. Each day winners will be picked at random.

The competition is running across our Facebook and Instagram pages. One winner will be picked each day after 9pm. You must follow all instructions in our post to be in with a chance of winning. We will announce who has won every day on the page the lucky person has won on.

The amazing gins up for grabs are:  

  • Eden Mill Candy Cane
  • Eden Mill Raspberry, Vanilla & Meringue
  • Eden Mill mango & Pineapple
  • Eden Mill Spiced Rhubarb Crumble
  • Eden Mill Love Gin
  • Warner Edwards Rhubarb
  • Gordons Pink
  • Zymurgorium Turkish Delight
  • Zymurgorium Unicorn
  • Zymurgorium Electric
  • Zymurgorium Cherry Bakewell
  • Zymurgorium Sweet Violet
  • Zymurgorium Pink Pornstar
  • Zymurgorium Peach Bellini
  • Puerto de Indias Strawberry
  • Bombay Sapphire
  • Tanqueray
  • Sipsmith London Dry
  • Gordons London Dry
  • Willie Hogarths Bubble-gum
  • Willie Hogarths Passion Fruit
  • Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger 40%
  • Tarquins Strawberry and Lime
  • Tarquins Rhubarb & Raspberry 

So if you fancy taking part in an advent calendar to remember to get following our instagram and Facebook pages for a chance to win a very merry ginmas pressie! 

With November well and truly underway, many of us are brushing the dust off the boxes of baubles, untangling reams of Christmas lights and searching for the most appropriate time to put the tree up. So as December 25th sneakily comes around the corner, the amazing city of Preston has a Christmas event coming up that you certainly don’t want to miss. 

The Christmas Switch On

Their Annual Christmas Light Switch on takes place on Saturday 23rd November from 5:30pm with the With over 1.5 miles of sparkling lights dazzling the streets of Preston, this is one switch on that is most definitely going to light up Lancashire. Based in the heart of Preston’s Cheapside, Flag Market will be lined with onlookers ready to countdown to one of the best festivities of the year. 

What’s happening?

Funded in part by Preston City Council, this year’s switch one promises to be the best one yet. With a mass array of performers from YouTube stars to Children’s TV characters from PJ Masks, Preston has gone all out to bring in the crowd to help bring in Christmas. Amongst the amazing performances, the brilliant ‘Boyz on Block’ (consisting of ex members of boyband legends such as Five and Boyzone) will be taking you back to the 90s as the headlining act and with Fosters & Strongbow at £2.35 a pint – you will 100% be asking – wait…what year is it? 

Where should you celebrate? 

Wondering where to enjoy the Christmas festivities during the Flag Market Switch Market, well, look no further than Hogarths. With just a 3 minute walk between Hogarths and Flag Market, you can catch all the fun of the countdown to Christmas whilst enjoy a fabulous drink in the best bar in Preston. Perfect serves of Sweet & Spicy featuring Gordons Pink, Zymurgorium Flagingo, Kraken Spiced Rum and Puerto De Indias gin, create some terrific tipples that will be available all night long. With competitions and prizes occurring all night too, Hogarth’s is the number one place to be for Preston’s Christmas Switch On. 

Bottled and distilled right in the heart of Belfast. This is a gin that packs an almighty punch. With its signature style coined in the phrase ‘greatness through graft and craft’, this new gin on the block promises to wow until the very last drop. 

The Jaw Box Story

Based just outside the beautiful Belfast, there lies a vast 300-acre country estate dating back to the 16th Century that is home to the distillery and fields that the grains for their gin is grown and harvested. Triple-distilled on-site in traditional copper pots the distilled in small batches using time-honoured methods using a secret recipe of botanicals, including their local Belfast Black Mountain heather. 

With gin becoming a focal point in rich and poor homes across Belfast, this sassy spirit became a talking point in many a kitchen cross the wonderful city and thus Jawbox was named – the gin that everyone is talking about. With a classic London Dry at its heart and then jazzed up with a secret recipe of botanicals – this glorious gin is definitely something us at Hogarths will be talking about each and every night. 

The Jawbox family

With a tremendous trio of glorious gins – we can’t help rave about the brains behind this brilliant brand:

First up is The Jawbox Classic Dry Gin,  taking the lead as the showstopper to this triage but it is closely followed by two lavish liqueurs that taste amazing until the very last drop. 

Jawbox Classic Dry Hogarths Perfect Serve: Fever-Tree Tonic & Lime

Pineapple & Ginger liqueur. Take their classic Jawbox gin, add some fiery ginger spice and finish with the intense flavour of pineapple. Yes pineapple and what you have is a drink that takes you right into the tropics.  Expertly balanced and perfectly combined this gin marries sweet and spice with the unique botanicals of their classic gin.

Jawbox Pineapple & Ginger Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes Ginger Ale & Pineapple

Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur. It’s a classic combination, sweet and tangy Rhubarb which is then balanced with warming ginger for a perfect balance of flavours. This classic garden vegetable (yes it’s a vegetable) has been grown in back yards and pots for generations creating a tart freshness of flavour that synchronises so sweetly with their gin.

Rhubarb & Ginger Hogarths Perfect Serve: Schweppes Ginger Ale & Fresh Ginger

So with this Belfast beauty hitting our shelves, great yourself to Hogarth’s and take and adventure with this incredible Irish indulgence. 


 Noun – a prickly scrambling shrub of the rose family, especially a blackberry.

Verb – to gather blackberries.

Hogarths – Blackberries to be enjoyed with gin

Growing up, many remember the days of foraging in woodland areas to find handfuls of blackberries to take home. Often with the mentality of one in the punnet and one in mouth, gathering these delicious fruits for pies, crumbles or even just to devour by themselves was a youthful memory many of us experienced as children.

So in homage of the simple yet beautiful blackberry we want to talk about one of our all time favourite perfect serves: Brockmans.

  • Cooled glass filled to the top with ice
  • 50ml measure Brockamans gin
  • Slowed poured Schweppes ginger ale
  • Generous garnish of fresh blackberries
  • Savour Every Sip

We often hear that gin lovers want to try a different mixer other than tonic. Brockmans and ginger ale is a marriage made in heaven and is a perfect serve that needs to be tried.

Head to your nearest Hogarths this month!